Putting the pieces together …

An interesting and exciting week has come to pass!

Many new things to explore and to learn, many new faces; now they are all strangers to me but some of them will become my new friends here at some point.

Our first briefing on our first assignment by Ima…nothing makes sense at the beginning but I’m sure I will work it out, it’s just the first week after all.

Thursday – introduction to CTS with E-J! Innovative way to introduce someone to his class and most certainly I loved it! Really, what is Illustration?


Lots of thoughts there … not for now. (See previous blog).

Friday is here!

Five days have already passed? Weird!

Mike has drawn an unusual map and asked us to copy it to our sketchbooks! 20161007_104106.jpg

It feels like a treasure hunt to me! He then explained what we had to do and handed over a parcel with our names on it, one for each of us.

  1. – east / texture
  2. – north / shadow
  3. – south / time
  4. – west / depth

“The plot thickens” as they say in movies…we had to explore the real area that we saw on the map (near LCC that is) and then we had to stop to 4 specific locations and capture something either by drawing it or taking a photograph.

Here it goes:

1. Under the Bridge.



2.Second Location.

Dots of darkness and dots of light and color…pointillism in nature! Just light and the absence of it.




3. All Hallow Church.

A delicate Dandelion seed and its journey through time…!
Some abandoned pipes in the garden of the church, that showing the passing of time, are now the home of plants and cyclamens. Cyclamens are showing that the Autumn period is here. Close to them there is a Centuryplant, in Greek Αθάνατος which means immortal, undying, enduring the passing of time.



4. Forth Location.


A side mirror from a motorcycle. It reads : “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear”. It’s written on the mirror glass.
Shadows and shapes are showing that in the past there was a door, or something there…different depths.




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