With starting point the junk food, like McDonalds and shops like Poundland I couldn’t help but make a sad connection: we live in a society that despite the fact that we can have anything we want and our basic needs are more than enough covered we choose to eat junk food and we always want to buy more and more everyday…things that we actually don’t need. We live in a world of 2 velocities; the “west society” (if we can call it that way) and the rest of the world. That “rest of the world” that we are continuously choosing to ignore is unfortunately the majority of people like us, that lives under inhuman conditions, without drinking water, food, education or medicine.

In Africa for example, kids are dying everyday…there is another reality there, a reality that we can only see in movies and still don’t believe our eyes.

I’ve watched some documentaries for that subject and I saw some strong images there…

The one that I am attaching was made from a Greek producer (Antonis Kanakis) during his stay in Sierra Leone for volunteering reasons 4 years ago.

At some point in the beginning of the video we can see that despite the fact that people there don’t have anything, advertisements of Coca-Cola are everywhere. I couldn’t help but wonder: if Coca cola managed to reach that part of the world why can’t food, water or medicine can’t do the same?

A sad story that I cannot believe that is the reality even now, in year 2016 and nobody does anything for that!




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