I forgot about my bookbinding saga.

Apart from the narrative, the texts inside, the materials that I want to include from my work, the research about paper that I want to use, the research about how can I make the paper look old for my project and all that, I had to learn how to do bookbinding! I knew how to make perfect binding only, but that specific method didn’t fit with my idea.

Here comes the induction to bookbinding! Which was scheduled a little late for me, just a week before my deadline. I’ve already known what kind of binding I wanted to make before the induction. I wanted to make coptic binding which employed by early Christians in Egypt, the Copts and used from as early as the 2nd century AD to the 11th century. It fitted perfectly with my idea but – they didn’t show us that method in the induction. I’ve asked but they said that we didn’t have time for that. Which is understood because it is a difficult method and it needs many pages. We have made 3 different types of binding though during that induction.



The next day I’ve searched online for any instructions on how to make a coptic binding. I gathered some papers that I didn’t want for anything else and found a thread at home that it’s not for bookbinding but it’s cheap enough for me to bother to waste it in a draft. I’ve tried to wax the thread in order to make my life easier and tried to make coptic binding.



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