Gooooood morning Viet… – hmm sorry – brief !!!

Literal vs abstraction… Create a book they said! Develop a narrative that positions your 2 objects side by side, they said! Find new ways of narrative (story, tale, chronicle, etc) they said!

How on Earth I am supposed to connect those 2 really? A zoetrope and in general the optical toys for another era and something that is not an object at all? How on planet Earth can I stay true to myself in the process of doing so without losing part of my initial thoughts in the making? No one answers… Yes I know I will become an illustrator, but I am not there yet! My background is way different from what it was supposed to be maybe.

To be honest, when I first came to UK and in LCC I was overwhelmed and awed with the possibilities here. I remember myself the first days in all the inductions and workshops, always taking pictures of the facilities and thinking “new toys for me to explore and develop ideas” but it’s difficult not to get lost in the process. I was afraid that all that excitement either will help me or will confuse me. Unfortunately the second has happened to some point. I was afraid that I will loose some personal characteristics all in the idea of “experimentation”. I wanted some sort of guidelines that I didn’t have at the point that I wanted.

Back to Vietnam – sorry – Narrative…when I came to the point when I understood exactly what my objects are about I was really sensitive and cautious about them, mostly for my second one. All those people in Africa that live the way they do, all that death and hunger that I “experienced” during my research made me to want to approach the topic in a human way, without any machine or computer involved. That led me to come up with my idea, which was to create a handmade diary and make it as realistic as I could. That was an instant decision, the only thing that was left for me to decide was a diary of whom? I had to give birth to my character.

I wanted my character to be as deep and as serious as possible. I remember the movie that I’ve seen before, “The man from Earth”, a Cro-Magnon caveman that still lives. And I’ve said to myself “Why not?”, the goblet that I found about during my research is from 3rd Millennium B.C., that is my starting point and that is my characters starting point. He have experienced so many things, wars, changes, losses he can understand.

So after that I started to map out his life as Mike showed us before. I remembered one phrase from Lord of The Rings: “There and back again..” the title that Bilbo gave to his book and I thought that’s exactly what my protagonist is about; from the past to here and now and back in time again, considering the harsh and inhuman way of living of those people in Africa.

After that I tried to find a name for my protagonist. I wanted to have Persian origins (because of my goblet) and a strong meaning. So, I named him Javid with the meaning of “the eternal”.





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