I know that the order of my blogs is a little messy and maybe some things are missing…the reason for that is that I kinda felt from the start all that “blog stuff” a repeatable process of my work and in general I am not used to the idea of blogging and/or using social networking in my everyday life. To be honest, I despised a little that habit and I’ve always tried to stay away from that. I have to clarify here that It’s not a language issue for me because I don’t feel comfortable with that “computer-centered way of life” and continuously networking in any language, even in Greek.

When I am working in a project either of my own or (now) for uni I’m usually lost in my own world and the only thing around me apart from my tools is music, nothing else. I jump in my mind from one idea or thought to another in nanoseconds and sometimes it’s hard for me to keep track of that process..and now I’ve been asked to write about it in everyday basis – it is really difficult for me to change completely in a couple of weeks but I believe that I tried and I will keep on trying in the future.

The other reason that I left a little behind on this is because for personal reasons I didn’t always had the time or the mind for this and apart of all of the above I’ve spent a lot of time in researching for our assignment so I’ve tried to give the most of myself to it, with no distractions.

So now, with only one week before the end, I want to make up for lost “blogging” time with some highlights of my journey so far in LCC world.


Soundtrack for this piece…:


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