That day we had an interesting session with Mike, the title of it was “Built a person”.

We had to give birth to a person and in order to do that we had to consider the external stimuli and all his life, from birth to death. How our person looks, what are his clothes, how they move or walk, favorite possession, etc. We had to consider also his/hers most treasured childhood memory, his/her name and to add traits and features.

In order to do that we had to draw our character and write some important information about it and then to draw a line for his/her life with years and more specific information about our story (education, friends, work, etc).

Imbuing a personality is much, much harder than it might seem. When I first started creating my character, my impulse was to create a person unlike any other out there. A completely unique individual, with a background that’s new and different, or a person with a weird way of looking at the world, an unconventional mind. I’ve failed obviously. This is hard to do because every person, including me, fits half a dozen clichés whether we like it/want it or not. When we are thinking about our best friend, for example, we are thinking that he or she is one of a kind in all ways, this is not exactly true. We have to think about whether he or she fits any clichés, we have to ask ourselves that question in order to start to think differently about that person. So when we have to deal with personality creation, our character won’t have any personality quirks that don’t show up in other people – that’s impossible. What our character will have are those qualities in different amounts and in unique combinations.

Creating a person from scratch, thinking about a storyline was something that always intrigued me, but it takes a lot of effort; especially when it comes down to English as English is not my first language. But I found all this attempt really interesting and exciting.






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