For my book I wanted to include some children drawings. My initial idea was that my protagonist went on to Sierra Leone to be a teacher as a volunteer.

In one of my entries in the diary I wrote as Javid the following:

“If you live as long as I have, there’s no reason to keep mementos and relics of the past. What would cause me to keep anything? As a memento to my beginnings, even if I don’t have the concept of beginnings anymore? No, I don’t keep artifacts…”

One year later he will become a teacher as I said. He was so deeply touched by those kids that he started to keep their drawings and he writes:

“… I love the children here, they are so innocent and strong. They don’t have anything, yet they also don’t ask for anything. I believe that if we could give those kids a chance, or if they lived someplace else, a God only knows what they could achieve. Yet nobody gave them that chance. …”

When I started to draw those children drawings I realized that it was difficult for me to draw in that way. It is weird that at some point in our lives we have all produced such images but as we grow older we eventually loose that ability. So I’ve started searching for that matter. It was also difficult to draw as a kid that lives under those conditions, I couldn’t imagine what picture would draw such a kid, on what subject.

Here I am attaching my 6 outcomes for those drawings.





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