I’ve always loved recycling! For many years in Greece the finger was being pointed at anyone that was trying to do as such as this wasn’t any common and there wasn’t any sufficient recycling programme in the country…it seemed for me for many years that no one cared enough for the environment in order to take action. I was so disappointed and angry with that…so from an early age I’ve tried to do what was necessary in order to inform my friends and family for the necessity of recycling and how we could do it in daily basis not only by accumulating recyclable materials and separating them from the trash but by reusing some materials by giving them new purpose. So recycle-reduce-reuse was my motto for many years in order to make others understand as well.

In order for me to highlight the “reuse” part I explored in any way that I could, considering the means that I had, the crafting part of art by collecting any material that I could find – that otherwise would be thrown to the trash- and giving birth to something useful.  For example others saw just a piece of used paper but I saw the potential to create beads using only some vernice and/or PVA glue (for many years I was very into jewellery making), or another example others saw some scraps of wood and I saw a brand new tea table. So I’ve tried to make new useful things out of “trash” just to make my point clear.


The bracelet that I made with those paper beads that i mentioned and the little tea table that i made some years ago.


All that “recycling-reusing-crafting part of my life”  led to a more spherical care of the environment: I took part in the past in some reforestation programmes back in Athens for the Penteli mountain that has burnt down several times in the past decades and I was a volunteer to my municipality’s animal rescue group.

For the above reasons I wanted for my manifesto to be something that will inform people and raise awareness for the environment and/or the endangered species. So my manifesto ended up to be a manifesto about the African elephants and how they are killed by humans for trinkets and items that people don’t need just because they are made from their ivory tusks. A very sad example of how humans treat nature as it is their own choosing to ignore the fact that we co-exist with other species and we depend on them, not the other way around.

A series of videos from conservation international with the title “Nature is speaking” that inspired me a lot are shown below following the link:


Another video that helped me a lot with the idea of African elephants is from WildAid. WildAid’s mission is to end the illegal wildlife trade and to raise awareness so people no longer buy wildlife products such as shark fin, elephant ivory and rhino horn.



The motto of their campaign is “when the buying stops, the killing can too”.


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