Today we had a very interesting studio session with Ima. We were given a text and we were asked to analyze it and “create-extract” 3 images out of it in a short amount of time. Then we had to present and discuss about our work as a group. It was very interesting how we all thought in a similar way while creating our images and used more or less the same semiotics to show our idea, like following a pattern.

It was a very useful exercise and I will try  to do it whenever I have time in order to practice on my own. The subject of the text is irrelevant to that exercise as the text given to us was pretty boring and non-inspiring that led me to the conclusion that we have to be able to create an illustration out of any context, basing or not a personal opinion and expand-think on it easily.

I’ve only managed to make 2 posters out of that text because I was late during that session because I had to attend a workshop at the same time but later on that day I made a quick sketch about it.





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