When we were told that we would have 3min in order to present our manifesto on camera (our initial thoughts about it with the A2 poster) I was very nervous and confused with all the process of the green screen.

In the process of thinking how I wanted to present it I was really inspired by Bob Dylan – Subterranean Homesick Blues video.


I wanted to present it without talking and either using cards or write something on me. I decided to write some phases on me and put duct tape to my mouth and only at the end of the video I would remove the duct tape and talk.

Because I was really nervous that day I was even more confused and I thought that the letters written on me should be mirrored in order to be visible from the camera. Something that now I know that is entirely wrong.


Here for example on my fingers I’ve written “They live” but it doesn’t show because I wrote the words in order to be visible from a mirror not a camera.


All the words that I wrote on me that day were “They live up to 70 years – Yet 100 die a day – For their tusks – Extinct – By 2020”

Then I took off the duct tape from my mouth and said: “Silence can kill. Tell your friends and family to be ivory free and we can save our elephants”.



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