After we discussed the subject, we decided to produce 1 poster with acrylics to give the texture that I made in my drafts and one poster using screen-printing.

For the second one, Lloyd suggested to use Mark Rothko’s pallet like the one below, to create, using screen-printing, the background. Then we used white chalk and white markers to add some naive, abstract buildings.


Our two posters.



The second poster is our world up close, like focusing in the city with the polluted air and with no sign of nature and the first poster is our world from afar, with a floating island above where there are dystopian trees and nature. So our world from afar can look like a weird utopia but when you look more closely you can understand the truth.

For the record, in 4 days we had to work as a group in order to create those 2 posters (start date Monday 13/02 deadline and presentation Friday 17/02). For the first poster; with acrylics as agreed, I worked alone on that Thursday, except from the lines in the island that were made by Scott, and the other one the background is made by Lloyd and then on Friday 3 of us added the lines in white and black on top.


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