We had to produce during weekend 5 images A3 of our chosen item existing in the landscape that we have chosen.

I chose to work with mirrors.

For the first one I wanted to focus on the surface of a broken-distorted mirror existing in that world so I tried to create an embossing effect using aluminum kitchen foil and pieces of cardboard glued on a A3 cardboard. Then I painted it with acrylics.


Pastels and graphite.







For those images I wanted to use elements from both of our previous posters, as an attempt to incorporate them.

In general I don’t want to use different types of medias when I have to create a “group” of images (like watercolors, acrylics, charcoal, etc) and I prefer to stick to one. But I didn’t work like that in this case because I was trying to experiment and see in what way I could make the mirror surface more realistic. I would prefer to work with either acrylics only or pastels as our 2 big posters were made with those.


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