During the weekend before Monday’s session, I’ve completed some drawings and one of my 20 images (previous post) and I’ve prepared another 3 canvases for my 20 images (unfinished by then) based on the environment and the scenario that we’ve discussed.

Suddenly during Monday’s (27/02) tutorial with Leigh, at some point we were all 4 of us, for the first time.

Only for a brief time though – and “all hell broke loose”. I know that working with a group, especially with people you don’t know, can be really stressful and hard, especially if there is no communication or reasoning whatsoever; I’ve understood as much those passing weeks.

Plan has changed, environment has changed – for no real reason – without me agreeing on this, start from point zero all over again midterm when we don’t have time to actually do it, not to mention the fact that there is no time or chance to actually do it right-ish considering the “in-group” circumstances; I don’t want to go in detail for that at this point. No common ground, no actual contextual backup or references to this “brave new world”, only good ideas and quotes. After Monday’s class despite the “communications” between us, it was clear to me that there was no actual group, only arguing and avoiding and start over from scratch several times via “group chat”, regardless of the deadlines both for Friday 03/03 (2*A2 posters of the 20 images etc) and the 17th of March.  – Did you try to explain and reason with them? – The answer is yes several times when and if I could actually find them. – I am stopping here with all this negativity as I don’t want to go through details here and I find it counterproductive as well.

Line drawings they’ve said – in general  (for the 3*A1 posters), line drawings I’ve done just to show them, but without actually have any part to this or knowing what exactly I had to visualize in order to draw them as well; that is why I don’t like what I drew whatsoever.


I even found some architectural drawings that I made 14 years ago or so, in high school just to show them another approach based on the vague idea that I have for that whole new idea etc and/or if they wanted (whoever those they might be during the next days) to use them as elements.

The days since Monday’s tutorial with Leigh (27/02) passed with the same “communication” motif and arguing – we came to Friday (03/03) and we were in the beginning 2 again and then around 11:00 we became 3…with nothing to show as a “group” except for some of theirs drafts and my 2 canvases and several drafts that I made for those (based as I explained in a previous post on the plan agreed before cause we don’t have enough time at this point).

This is the last of the 6 in total supplementum posts (Part 0 – Part 0.5) that I wanted to write in order to fill in the gaps between the first day of this “new” project until now. My posts for this project started on the 20th of February.


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