After the tutorial with Leigh this Monday morning (06/03) I followed his advice and tried again mono printing, as I agreed with him that it wasn’t a good idea to continue my work with canvases as my media. another fact that it was clear to me after the tutorial is that I have “the green light” to continue my work on my own as long as I keep documented the whole process.

Now – mono print. I’ve done after the tutorial some experiments in the workshop with colors and texture using the inks there. One of them it is shown here.



Then at home I wanted to continue the experiments using whatever materials I had and could use for the process. For that reason I used the only surface that I could find (that I don’t care about in order to cover it with paints) and that was a metallic old box from cookies that I have kept for storage reasons and I used some cheap acrylic paints that I had. Also I used a palette knife and some wooden sticks to “draw” lines.


My metallic, improvised surface. (box)

My results.


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